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Part 1: What Is a Fillable Invoice Form

A fillable invoice form is a document generated by an individual or company and provided to the customer upon collecting a receivable for a service or product. It contains information regarding goods being transported across or within a country’s borders.

The document is usually dated with the person or company logo along with a description of the goods, offered in a line-by-line arrangement. Besides, it has details of the manufacturer, the recipient, the destination, and the good’s harmonized system codes.

Part 2: Information Required on a Fillable Invoice Form

First of all, you must provide accurate information when filling out a fillable invoice form. It is very simple and doesn’t require many details. Here is what you will be asked for to complete the document:

  • You must add the word “invoice” at the top of the form.
  • Separate invoice number.
  • Sellers’ full business name or the name registered on the certificate of incorporation.
  • Sellers’ contact and address details.
  • Purchaser’s details.
  • Description of goods or services.
  • Prices and mode of payment.
  • VAT details if applicable.
  • Date of purchase and date of payment.
  • A stamp and signature from an authorized Customs employee to confirm the accuracy of the information provided - for goods moving across borders.

At times, some additional documents should accompany the free invoice form. Each individual case determines the necessity of these documents, depending on the type of goods being transported.

Part 3: How to Fill out a Fillable Invoice Form

Using a fillable invoice form will help you a lot, allowing timely business dealings. The following are the steps to take to complete the free invoice form:

1. Add your information in the provided fields at the top right side of the form. This includes the invoice number, date, account number, your P.O. Box number, terms, ship via, FOB, and the salesman name.

 Add your information

2. In this section, add the details about your products or services. Describe the goods, quantity, unit price, and amount for each.

Add the details about your products or services

3. The final part is to enter the subtotal of the items described above, add the Tax charges and the grand total.

enter the subtotal of the items described above, add the Tax charges and the grand total.

Voila! Your invoice is now ready to use.

Part 4: Most Common Uses of a Fillable Invoice Form

A fillable invoice is part of the documentation required to transport your products - within and across borders. It contains crucial information about the goods and has a clause stating the declaration is true and is accompanied by a signature. You can use invoice forms for the customs declaration of goods or services.

When it comes to commercial invoice forms, they are mainly used to calculate transportation tariffs and international commercial terms, such as the cost in a CIF. Please note that the commercial invoice form is usually valid throughout the entire transport period.

Part 5: Who Needs a Fillable Invoice Form

A person or corporation exporting goods across a border to another country will need this free fillable invoice form as a customs declaration. It makes the paperwork straightforward for your business.

The fillable invoice forms can also be used when a company is moving goods within a state’s borders. It will serve as proof of the goods in transit and contains all the relevant details such as prices and quantity.

Anyone doing business that includes transportation of products or services from one place to another should fill out this form. That way, there will be trust between seller and buyer due to clear and accurate documentation.

Part 6: Additional Fillable Invoice Form Resources

You can check out these additional resources to help you understand this form and what to include:

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